International Waterbird Census

Requesting IWC data

The aim of the International Waterbird Census is to support waterbird research at regional or flyway scale. On request we may make the data available for researchers or students.
Please review the Terms of Use in the IWC Data Request Form before requesting IWC data. In particular please note the following conditions:

  • The data remains the property of the national schemes that collected them. Information at a national or sub-national level can only be released with the written consent of the relevant national coordinator. The national coordinators will have one month to query the request or to object the release of their data.
  • A data handling fee is normally applied to cover the staff time required to service the data request and to support the contributing national schemes. Fees can be paid to the Waterbird Fund. For exemptions, please see the Terms of Use in the data request form.

Data requests forms can be returned to